If you’d like to write for us please read the following guidelines. 

Contributor guidelines

We welcome long, detailed submissions and shorter ‘spotlight on’ blogs.

For our longer articles we look for engaging stories with a narrative that inspires readers to follow in the writer’s footsteps and offers a unique look at the subject or issue covered.

For writers wishing to contribute to our shorter ‘Spot Light On’ category, please contact our editorial department for an outline template.


‘In the field’ blogging

If  you are going overseas to live, study,  work, teach or volunteer and are interested in sharing your experiences with people considering doing the same thing we’d love to hear from you.

Grab the Passport loves hearing from travellers / expats/ adventurers who are happy to contribute a regular blog during their time abroad. Please note – this is an unpaid position and requires a regular commitment (we need a minimum of one blog a month to keep readers interested). However, bloggers receive the opportunity to build their writing portfolio and have their stories shared with the Grab the Passport online community.

We want these blogs to provide an insight into the actual experience of living abroad for an extended period of time with all the excitement and the challenges that come with it.


Be open for editing

We know you’ve worked hard for your guest post, and you don’t want to see it being altered but you have to be open to having your copy edited on occasion. Editing is a normal part of the process.  Major or minor revisions may be done by the editor, who will consult with the writer whenever possible. However last-minute changes may be necessary without notifying the writer, often due to space limitations.


Getting in touch

You can contact the Grab the Passport team via any of the following: